kazuhiko04 (kazuhiko04) wrote in fushigichan,

With apologies...

Ep 43 is delayed again. Hopefully only for a couple of days but...

Well, sakon76 (a.k.a. Nataku) and I are moving house. Have been, in fact, for over a week now. Yesterday, my computer was put back together for the first time in over a week specifically for the purpose of encoding the episode!

Computer: check.
Monitor: check.
Video cable: Uh... where... oh, there it is! check.
Speakers: Uh. No. But I have headphones! Those will do! check.
External harddrive with all the Mebi stuff on it: check!
Power cable for said harddrive: ... ... ... cr*p.

Hunted high and low but no luck so until I can beg, borrow or steal find a 12v dc adapter, we're out of luck.

Sorry. Hopefully it won't be too long. ;_;
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