K. Stonham (sakon76) wrote in fushigichan,
K. Stonham

Episode 43 Summary

Episode 43
Airing Saturday, 2/10/2007: The Threat of the Moebius Killer
Alternate Dimensional Being Moebius Killer
Alternate Dimensional Being Giant Yapool
Space Absorption Beast Gadiba
Strategic Alien Deathrem
Freezing Alien Glozam
Vicious Alien Spaceman Mefilas

In a dark space, there are three gigantic silhouettes. And then one more shadow approaches.

They are Deathrem, Glozam, the alien Mefilas, and then Yapool....

Jinguuji Aya is visiting the Phoenix Nest.

Aya, who is a world-famous oceanographer, is actually also the granddaughter of the Supreme General Chairman Takenaka!

Aya kidnaps the surprised Mirai for a date.

The reason Aya has visited Mirai this time is to make explicit the feelings she has kept secret in her heart.

The two of them spend a happy time out on the town.

Just then, back at the base, they receive news that the transmission source of the space-time wave that summons monsters has been identified.

GUYS immediately prepares to deploy. Leaving behind Mirai, who is incommunicado, the Phoenix Nest takes off.

Meanwhile, Mirai, who has finally realized what's going on, hurries into battle.

The one who appears before him is... Yapool, who should have been previously completely sealed away!
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