K. Stonham (sakon76) wrote in fushigichan,
K. Stonham

Episode 42 Summary

Sorry, I'm late on this....

Episode 42
Airing Saturday, 2/3/2007: Visit From An Old Friend
Prehistoric Monster Gomura
Skull Monster Redking

Gomura appears on an island in the South Pacific!

Gomura once destroyed Osaka Castle, and was such a formidable enemy that it defeated Ultraman in their first battle.

Moreover, this is a rare appearance outside of Japan.

As GUYS are looking on dubiously, suddenly a visitor arrives at the base.

It's Supreme General Chairman Takenaka, who is responsible for all branches of GUYS worldwide!

In the midst of the whole base's panic, Captain Sakomizu alone is calm.

Almost forty years separates the two, but it seems that once the two of them had a special connection....

Behind closed doors the two of them reminisce, and there Captain Sakomizu can speak of a surprising bit of information!

That was the meeting of Captain Sakomizu and Zoffy!!

But they're called out of there by an emergency monster appearance.

The one rampaging... is Redking!!
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