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K. Stonham

Episode 46 Summary

Episode 46
Airing Saturday, 3/3/2007: Immortal Glozam
Freezing Alien Glozam
Vicious Alien Spaceman Mefilas
Maquette Monster Fire Windam

Having defeated Deathrem, Crew GUYS has returned, but the Captain's, Ryuu's, and George's injuries haven't healed yet.

For now, the remaining members have to work hard.

Intelligence comes in that a certain dam has frozen.

One of the Four Kings, Glozam, appears before Mirai and Teppei who had rushed to the scene.

At the appearance of Glozam, who has the power to freeze the whole Earth, Mirai transforms into Moebius.

But it's a trap! Moebius is frozen by Glozam!

Seeing Moebius frozen, like a monument unable to move, Konomi despairs.

But at that moment, a voice says "You cannot give up."

As Konomi looks up, there is Maboroshi Dan, Ultraseven!
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