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Summaries for Episodes 44, 45

I realized I'd never posted these. My apologies.

Episode 44
Airing Saturday, 2/17/2007: Ace's Wish
Full Moon Super Beast Lunaticks
Alternate Dimensional Being Giant Yapool
Freezing Alien Glozam
Vicious Alien Spaceman Mefilas

As the ground unexpectedly shatters beneath them, Mirai, Aya, and Hirukawa are all swallowed up into an as-yet unknown space.

When they recover consciousness, they find themselves in the wreckage of a destroyed city.

When Hirukawa, thinking of rescuing only himself, walks away, that man in black... Yapool... appears once more.

Yapool hands Hirukawa a gun and tells him, "Shoot Mirai, and I'll save your life."

With a motive to make him give up on humans, Yapool shows Mirai how easily Hirukawa gave in.

Meanwhile, when the Phoenix Nest's engines stopped, the Crew had to make an emergency landing on the moon.

There's an enormous stone pillar there. Could it be that the stone pillar caused the engine failure?

Then Marina hears a mysterious voice. Someone is giving instructions for how to destroy the stone pillar.

The owner of the voice is... Hokuto Seiji! It's Ultraman Ace!!

Episode 45
Airing Saturday, 2/24/2007: Deathrem's Plan
Strategic Alien Deathrem
Freezing Alien Glozam
Vicious Alien Spaceman Mefilas

The crew are on their way back from the moon in the Phoenix Nest, but in front of Mirai's waiting eyes, they're attacked and there's a giant explosion!

According to reports, George is the only survivor.

But Mirai doesn't believe his teammates are dead. George, upon his return to consciousness, is asked what really happened. He says that Crew GUYS have become the prisoners of one of the Four Kings: Deathrem.

If Moebius admits to an absolute defeat on Earth, then his comrades will be returned.

Just then, Deathrem appears in the city. Mirai becomes Moebius and confronts him, but concerned for his teammates' lives, he is unable to fight.

The populace know that it's because of his comrades, Crew GUYS, being taken hostage that Moebius is unable to fight, and begin to blame the Crew who have been taken hostage.

Mirai is pressed to answer which is the most important, the populace or his comrades, and begins to question the humans who are angry at his friends who are held prisoner.

As Mirai is thinking that, before him appears Gou Hideki -- Ultraman Jack!
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